PyCon US is the largest annual gathering for the community using and developing Python. This year it happened from April 9th - 17th in Montréal, Quebec.

In no particular order, here are 5 Django-related videos from this year's edition to get your teeth into:

Dan Langer: A Scenic Drive through the Django Request-Response Cycle

A simple "Hello World!" page, served via Django, passes though a surprising number of layers & components. For a newcomer to the language or the platform, this can be overwhelming at the start. Here I'll take you on a drive through Django's request-response cycle, focusing on using its layered model to understand what's going on and get things done.

Andrew Godwin: Designing Django's Migrations

Django finally has built-in migrations, and they're a long way from the designs of South or django-evolution. Learn the key design decisions we made, ideas we discarded, and the unique treatment we have to give each of our four official database backends

James Bennett: Django: The good parts

Lots of talks and tutorials try to cover Django exhaustively, going over every component and feature. But not so many take a look at the bits that let Django be Django. In this talk, we'll see exactly what those bits -- some old, some new -- are, in a way that shows why it's still a solid and popular choice for web developers nearly nine years after its initial public release.

Tracy Osborn & David Wolever: Django for Web Designers and Front End Developers

Kenneth Love: Getting Started with Django, a crash course

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